5 Basic Equipments You Must Have When Moving

Moving from one place to another can be an exhaustive task, especially when your house is full of delicate items, that are of great interest to you. Breakable items will require to be handled with care because of their fragile nature to prevent unplanned losses.

However, it is exciting when moving to a new environment because you are getting rid of the old memories while creating new ones. For these reasons, it is essential to ensure that all your items reach safely to their destination when moving.

This article will highlight essential equipment that is needed to allow you to safely move your items from one place without causing any unwanted losses.

Some of the equipment that is necessary to facilitate the moving process includes,

Use of Packaging Tapes

Immediately after packing, your must seal your box correctly. A package that has not been sealed properly can lead to damages on your items. Packaging tapes come in different types, with each having a specific purpose. Some known packing tapes are carton-sealing tapes, seal tape for cold temperature, kraft water tape, and Handle with care tape.

Carton sealing tape is used to seal boxes that carry light materials. On the other hand, kraft activated tape is mainly used to pack boxes having corrugated surfaces.

Use of corrugated Card boxes

Before packing begins, it is essential to have as many boxes as possible to accommodate all the items you want to move with. Corrugated boxes are popular with professional movers. They come in different shapes and sizes, giving you sufficient space to accommodate your items. Corrugated boxes are made up of crimples, which are triangular, thus creating a package that makes it easy to carry during transit.

During packing, do not place all your items in one box to avoid overstuffing them. When your package is not overstuffed, it reduces the chances of breaking some of your things

Packing using Peanuts

Packaging peanuts are formed using little foams resembling food peanuts. The foams are also called packing popcorns. They are placed inside a box to help prevent items inside the packing box from frequent knocks on transit. Items may experience movements during transport when there is an allowance of space that has been left. Packing peanuts utilize this space fully to prevent the knocks from happening.

Use of Ratchet Straps

When moving, in some instances, it may be challenging to find packing vans, especially when it is on holiday and the vans are fully booked. It is advisable to use your means in such a scenario, even though it lacks the necessary equipment designed for packing. You can still get work done, same as the packing vans, by using a ratchet strap. Ratchet straps are placed on each side of the vehicle and roof.Using ratchet straps can help to prevent your items from damage.

Employing moving dollies

Heavy items when moving will require extra help from a friend. However, instead of asking for help from a friend, you can adopt the use of moving dollies. They are designed to carry heavy items because of having features such as wheels and handles. 

Having the right equipments when moving is vital because your items will reach their destination, without the need of replacement.