The Goat Source Digital Beginner's Guide - Resources for the Beginning Goat Owner

Completely Digital Beginner's Packet

Here is the popular Beginner's Packet in a completely digital form!!


Now get the information included in the Beginner's Packet in an


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Look at what you get...

  • Resource Guide for Goat Owners     LOOK!! (a 20$ value included!)

    • Veterinary Resources   .

    •  Disease Problems and Resources

    •  Sites With Useful Information

    •  Breed Clubs and Registry Associations

    •  Government Sites

    •  Magazines and Catalogs

    •  Software

    •  Internet Resources 

    •  Useful Tables and Charts

    •  Recommended Books

  • Hay buyer's Guide

    • Learn how to recognize, buy and store good hay

  • Hay grading Guide

  • Learn how hay is graded and what the standards mean

  • Forms for the Goat Owner

    (includes these master forms)

    • Buck Lease
    • Bill of Sale
    • Milk record sheet
    • Doe Lease,
    • Herd Record Sheets
      • Animal Record Sheet
      •  Health
      • Vaccination
      • DHIR
      • Appraisal
      • Show Records


  • Resource Guide for New Goat Owners

  • Find out the first things you will need to know are when you buy your first goat

  • Parts of the Goat

  • Proper terms for the parts of the goat (you know, the thing-a-ma-jig??)

  • All this for only $9.97!!!


    Get all of the digital files from the Beginner's Packet:

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    Leslie, The Goat Source

    P.S. Just added  Free bonus -

    Raising Kids Begins with Pregnancy